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Dental Tourism

22. 8. 2017
Dental tourism (also called dental vacations or commonly known as dental holidays in Europe) is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside of their local healthcare systems and may be accompanied by a vacation. Dental tourism is growing worldwide: as ... Read more

Cosmetic vs. Plastic surgery

21. 8. 2017
There are many misconceptions about what a plastic surgeon specializes in versus what a cosmetic surgeon focuses on. In today’s day and age, many people use the terms ‘plastic surgery’ and ‘cosmetic surgery’ interchangeably. let’s clarify the difference between cosmetic ... Read more

Medical or Healthcare tourism

21. 8. 2017
Medical tourism refers to people traveling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment. In the past this usually referred to those who traveled from less-developed countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries for treatment unavailable ... Read more