Questions to Ask

When you decide for your favorable clinics, doctors or services, contact the clinics – take action, ask for the responses – call or send an email.

As said, make research, write down all your questions at once, and you will make the right decision with the responses you receive. Below are some suggested questions to get you started:

The surgeon

1. How many operations of this specific type does the surgeon (and/or the clinic) carry out each year?
2. What information can you provide regarding the surgeon’s or clinic’s success rates?
3. What information can you provide about complication rates such as post-operative infection?
4. Can I speak to any past patients from my country to find out about their experience of your clinic?
5. Can you provide me with any information on patient satisfaction levels at your clinic or hospital?

The operation

1. Do you have any advice sheets or literature available about the operation?
2. How long will the operation take?
3. Will I need to stay overnight or for several days in the clinic/hospital?
4. What pre-surgery checks are required?
5. Are these included in the price of the surgery?
6. What post-surgery care is required?
7. How long do I need to wait before flying home?
8. What are the risks and complications associated with my operation?
9. How likely are these complications?

If something goes wrong…

1. What back up medical facilities are available if something goes wrong during the operation and I become seriously ill?
2. What insurance does the clinic or the surgeon hold to cover malpractice or errors?
3. Which company is the insurance with and what is the level of cover?
4. If a complication which needs further treatment arises during my surgery, is this covered in the price?
5. What kind of treatment guarantee do you provide?

Pricing and payment arrangements

1. What is the total cost of the surgery, including all checks, aftercare, anaesthetics, drugs, nursing care, surgeon’s fees and clinic accommodation?
2. What do I have to pay up front? What payment methods do you accept?
3. What is not included in the price?
4. What happens if something goes wrong at home (e.g. a post-operative infection, a ruptured implant) and I need further treatment or another operation after I have returned home? Who pays for this?

The implants (for breast enlargement patients)

1. For breast enlargement, which implants does the surgeon use?
2. Can you provide information on the rupture rate with this type of implant?
3. Do you offer a choice of implant?
4. Does the cost vary depending on the type of implant that I choose?

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