Costs for Medical Procedures

There’s no doubt that being treated abroad can save you money. Treatments in some countries like in South East Europe cost up to 70% less than the same treatments in others.

It’s no secret that plastic surgery prices vary greatly from country to country. Thankfully, globalization did a good job and we are able to travel without great difficulties and at affordable prices.

An increasing number of people are choosing to have cosmetic surgery abroad. Not only that you can find special deals for your chosen procedure (we at holidayclinics.com special for Southeastern Europe), there are also many reputable medical clinics with world-renowned doctors and numerous references that can put your mind at ease.

We picked 10 most common procedures and made a price comparison for you. The prices are average prices found at websites of various medical clinics from a certain country and are by no means valid for all clinics.

Chose beautiful Croatia and have the additional benefit of being able to extend your visit into a relaxing and recuperative holiday.

Plastic surgery price comparison:

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